A Soulful Approach to Feng Shui


Create intentional spaces that feel soulful, alive, and supportive in this 44-page interactive workbook.


(It's the next best thing to hiring me for a personal consultation!)

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To fully transform your life, you need to do the MIND-SET and HEART-SET work.          Interior Alchemy takes into account your BELIEFS and EMOTIONS along with the                            LIFE AREA represented in each part of your home. 


This comprehensive "workshop in a book" is the next best thing to hiring me as your personal consultant!


It includes the invaluable INTERIOR ALCHEMY MAP, showing you exactly how each area of your life is represented in your home, and how to go deep into the emotions and life lessons connected to that area. 


Allison Lane - Allison Lane Literary

"I've always been fascinated by homes that feel balanced and joyful, but I was resentful that I couldn't nail that feeling too.

When I read Laura Vida's 'Interior Alchemy: A Soulful Approach to Feng Shui,' I found the easy, practical resource that unlocked my inner blocks and positively changed my home.

Laura's method is simple, and she lays out the steps in a way I found achievable.

With just a few tweaks, my former dark, unused dining room is now a place of peace and connectedness that circulates warm energy throughout my home.

I'm looking forward to applying more of Laura's Interior Alchemy map to my home and can't wait to see what else in my life gets transformed!" 



 The key?


It’s all about

- V  I  B  R  A  T  I  O  N -




What you are, you attract.


What's Inside:

  • What's Interior Alchemy and how it can change your life
  • Uplevel your mindset to clear the way for soul-aligned manifestation
  • How to assess your space for Feng Shui alignment
  • Understanding the spiritual message behind your clutter
  • Secrets of the Five Elements 
  • How to apply the Interior Alchemy Map to your home
  • Soulful Decluttering
  • How to activate your space, call in your desires, and powerfully transform your life

Meet Laura 

Gleaned from my decades of experience as a Feng Shui Master, Interior Designer, Realtor, and Spiritual Psychologist, I’m here to share my secrets for creating spaces that both look good, and feel good!

I’ll show you how to empower your home with intentional design to support your life’s dreams… because when your space is harmonious, your life FLOWS so much better!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Christine Pike - Soulflow Branding

"I've been wanting to try Feng Shui for years, but kept putting it off because the process felt overwhelming and complicated... that was until I found Laura Vida's 'Interior Alchemy' A Soulful Approach to Feng Shui.

This resource is rich in information and Laura breaks down the Interior Alchemy and Feng Shui Principles in a way that feels practical and helpful. I started by applying the principles to my home office and it already feels like a different space with a fresh and abundant energy  - one where my creativity and inspiration flows freely.

I can't wait to use this resource to apply the principles of Interior Alchemy to other rooms in my home."




Don’t waste another day, sending mixed messages to the Universe 

Download the Interior Alchemy Workbook and walk away with an understanding of exactly how you can create transformational spaces that support your life’s intentions.

Make those intentions your reality.


Yes, I want the Workbook!
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